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Landlines have been a mainstay of the telephone system for decades, but technological improvements and the changing face of business have caused them to start showing their age. For more affordable, flexible, and on-the-go systems, businesses have begun to turn to cloud computing to provide Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) business phone systems and communications that can keep their employees connected, agile, and active.



What Is a Cloud Phone System?


The cloud phone systems used by Toronto businesses are a type of VoIP arrangement. Basically, instead of sending signals through landlines and phone towers, cloud telephony transmits over the Internet. Depending on the type of system, the signals can be sent over private networks, the public Internet, or a mixture depending on certain conditions. 
More specifically, cloud telephony refers to VoIP arrangements, in which your calls and network are run through a third party's systems. This is in contrast to hosted VoIP, in which calls go through systems you control and maintain.



How Cloud Phone Systems Can Transform Your Business


Flexibility and Freedom

One of the most distinctive benefits that cloud computing can bring to your business's phone system is that it frees employees from their desks. Desk phones are still used in cloud telephony, but they are no longer the sole way of communicating. IP phones can be used to make calls anywhere with a connection; you can make calls through a laptop, or you can use smartphone apps to get cloud access on the go. This offers an invaluable level of freedom for employees who need to travel frequently, work from home, or are otherwise off site. 


Extra Tools and Features

Cloud-based phone systems are often tailored for common business needs and come with several features that can help enhance communications across the office. With a push of a button, your phone can engage in call forwarding, transcribing, e-mail forwarding, synchronizing contact lists, linking in conference calls, and much more. 


Easily Scalable

With landlines, there are time and monetary costs to changing the number of lines your business uses. This can create frustrating periods of downtime or otherwise make your operations lag behind while trying to expand. Cloud phone systems are effortlessly scalable and new features, users, and lines can be added with a few clicks and physical phones can be quickly shipped over and plugged in. 


Fewer Costs and Lower Maintenance

Installing and maintaining a phone system takes manpower, expertise, and money in order to set up and manage the hardware. Cloud systems do not require you to run servers, phone hubs, or anything other than the phone unit itself since the main infrastructure elements are handled by your host. This frees you from the hassle and costs of running the system while ensuring you reap the benefits of cutting-edge communications. Additionally, using the Internet rather than conventional phone lines will reduce certain charges you might otherwise face. 


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