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Wireless LAN


High Tech provides multiple industry leading wireless solutions ranging from instant on access points to complete mesh networks.  With each hardware solution provided we focus on the management of the solution to ensure optimal performance levels.  High Tech clients always have a choice, software in the traditional sense or more convenience and advanced software-as-a-service subscription in the cloud that allows you to pay as you grow.  At High Tech we provide organizations a simple, secure and cost-effective way to manage their environment.


Having trouble determining if your WiFi infrastructure is up to the current demands and ready to perform at even higher levels in the near future? Wondering if your WiFi network will support voice as well as data? High Tech has various tools and service options available to answer your questions.  Whether it is a downloadable application or a full site walk through we have you covered.


Wireless WAN

​Wireless wide area networks break conventional business barriers by providing reliability, survivability, security and high speed voice and data transmission as a viable, cost effective option over expensive terrestrial services.

Multiple sites connect with one another through antennae installed on the buildings. WWans can be much less expensive than traditional terrestrial WAN services while being more flexible and resilient. WWANs designed and installed by High Tech can be configured to meet your network demands of today and positioning you for the future.


With the implementation of High Tech's hardware and software solutions, network improvements can be achieved that will far exceed the users expectations and provide a cost savings to the company. Improved efficiency on current infrastructure will deliver bottom line results for the best dollar value.



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