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Managed Services and Network Monitoring


Our tailored  HTAssure service program is designed to offer our customers a monthly service and support plan,  custom-built to their individual needs.


This program enables  High  Tech to provide a  unique solution that includes not only 24x7 support but allows customers to include Cybersecurity and SaaS applications all under one monthly fee.


Your company's network can be compared to a multi-lane highway, connecting and directing traffic ensuring that every user gets to their destination quickly, safely, and on time. However, when unmonitored and under-maintained, the results can be less than desirable for its users.


Like a modern highway, your network is considered in good working condition when it can deliver high speed, low latency, and few collisions but when performance doesn't meet optimal levels it is detrimental to the performance and profitability of your system.


Bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis are two key activities for every business environment. Performing correctly not only aids in proper network administration, it also assists in planning for necessary upgrades which inevitably reduces network downtime and loss of income for your corporation.


High Tech Communications utilizes a multi-layered approach to analyzing and monitoring your network, providing an experienced team of support analysts to quickly interpret data and implement necessary resolutions.





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