Wireless LAN Equipment and Wi-Fi Phones in the GTA



A LAN is a local area network that links a series of computers within a given area, such as an office or school. LAN arrangements are commonly used to share files, create Internet hotspots, and other important IT infrastructures. Most large businesses or organizations in the GTA use LAN equipment in some form. A wireless LAN is an evolution of this technology that can further empower users with heightened mobility and access.



Benefits of Using Wireless LAN



The most immediately obvious advantage to switching to a wireless LAN is that connected devices no longer need to be physically plugged in to the network. This allows for use of the network to be expanded to handheld or mobile devices and, in some cases, can dramatically change who is now able to make use of the technology. Any type of job that involves a great deal of moving around can now be given enhanced efficiency through on-the-go network access. In some cases, this cuts down on time wasted running back to a fixed workstation to input and retrieve data. In others, it could enable network use for the first time and open a plethora of new opportunities. A few quick examples:

  • Linking a store's barcode scanners and printers to the main computers so price adjustments are reflected in real time

  • Inventory clerks being able to offer input on the go without returning to their workstation

  • Offering Internet hotspots in restaurants, hotels, airports, etc.


More Reliable

Although most people can share at least one story about wireless networks causing problems for them, this is nothing compared to the annoyances wrought by wired arrangements. Cables can suffer moisture erosion, broken connectors, signal reflections from improper splices, or simple breaking from normal wear-and-tear, not to mention any accidental cut can send the entire network crashing down around you. Cable faults are, simply put, the primary cause of system downtime, so moving to a wireless LAN arrangement can dramatically improve the uptime of your network.


Ease of Installation

Installing a wired LAN requires laying cables throughout the building to connect every applicable device, which is both costly and time-consuming. When trying to link multiple nearby buildings, it also opens additional environmental complications. In some instances, such as if you are in an older building, city bylaws may actually prevent you from making the necessary changes (drilling holes, for example) to properly feed the cables through. A wireless LAN, by definition, does not have this issue. Installing one is often a matter of hooking up a router to create a hub switch, then connecting the necessary devices remotely.


Wi-Fi Phones

Although not strictly necessary, using wireless LAN equipment opens the door to switching to Wi-Fi Internet phones. By using the Internet to send signals, as opposed to telephone cables, Wi-Fi phones can both reduce your bills (no long distance charges!) and reduce the IT maintenance burden since there are fewer infrastructure elements to worry about


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