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Leasing and Financing


New technology can be a major capital expense, but it doesn't have to be. You can lease with small monthly payments. Many companies today lease technology rather than purchase it. Let High Tech provide some of the benefits to leasing. We can even find leasing sources for new businesses!

Why do so many companies lease their technology?


  • Many companies believe that leasing their telephone and data networking equipment makes it easier for them to acquire, manage, and control their technology acquisitions.

  • The decision to lease is usually based on the financial benefits leasing offers Opex vs Capex


Here are some of the key benefits of leasing:

Reduction in up front costs


  • Preserves working capital and existing lines of credit

  • Enables technology acquisition today, without impacting cash flow.


Manageable operating expense and predictable low monthly payments


  • Pay as you use it - pay for the technology over a period of time, rather than investing in a lump sump up front.

  • Generally, lease payments as a business expense, are 100% tax deductible.

  • Depending on the situation, lease payments could be lower than the repayment of a conventional loan.

  • Lease payments can be tailored to budget levels or revenue streams.

  • Ability to bundle transactions.

  • Package hardware, software, and services on one leasing contract.

  • Immediate and affordable way to meet technology needs to support the business.


Protect against advancing technology


  • Ability to add or upgrade during the lease with minimal financial impact and risk.

  • At the end of the lease, you can choose to return or purchase the equipment.

  • Ensures that you stay on top of technological advances with minimum financial impact or risk.


Flexible payment plans


  • Leasing offers flexibility and payment plans that purchasing does not.

  • 100% financing with no money down.

  • Payment structures that match cash flow or business cycles.

  • A variety of end lease options.



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