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Internet and Network Services


With the increased demand on Internet access and network services, High Tech has partnered with reliable network suppliers to provide a flexible solution for you. If your organization is looking for Internet circuits, we can provide DSL, Cable and Fiber services.  If you have multiple locations and need someone to architect and manage them, we have a solution.  Our expansive network reach allows us to address your unique needs based on cost and availability. Whether your organization is looking for an entry level Internet service,  high bandwidth connection with automatic failover, or is interested in networking multiple locations, High Tech and our partners have you covered.


OneConnect, and Rogers are the network solutions experts in providing broadband Internet services and private line connectivity.  In conjunction with our network solutions experts, High Tech can also manage your networks and integrate data, Internet, video and collaboration on a single converged platform. Take the worry out of running your networks with our services!



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