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A Successful Business Communications Strategy Requires an Experienced MSP

High Tech Communications helps navigate the evolving Unified Communications landscape by providing clarity and understanding

In today’s emerging telecommunications market, it’s important to work with a trusted partner, like High Tech Communications, that will help you to understand the best options for your organization. As your local managed service provider (MSP), High Tech will work with you to develop a customized business strategy and assist with knowledgeable design and implementation. We remain a valuable resource to provide ongoing customer support for your chosen UCaaS solution.

New partnerships mean new possibilities for the consumer

In November 2021 RingCentral and Mitel jointly announced a new strategic partnership to seamlessly transition legacy communications platforms to cloud-based unified communications. These two leading companies were recently in direct competition for the growing cloud market. Mitel’s worldwide base of over 35 million customers gave them a sound market share of the on-premise telecommunications business and with the increasing trend of going to the cloud, a partnership with a premium competitor was a sound choice.

Since High Tech is an award-winning Mitel Gold Partner and a seasoned RingCentral vendor, our experienced implementation team is extremely excited about what this partnership can bring to our valued customers.This follows the market trend ofRingCentral also powering the Avaya Cloud OfficeUCaaS solution. Another High Tech partner.

As RingCentral partners to become the Mitel and Avaya UCaaS engine, our customers migrating to the Cloud will be provided with direct access to the next-generation, mobile-first, cloud communications platform, with high-reliability rich functionality, broad enterprise app integrations and sound security.

High Tech is here to assist existing Mitel Cloud Connect customers to seamlessly transition to RingCentral at a comfortable pace.

RingCentral & Mitel Partnership highlights:

  • RingCentral becomes the exclusive UCaaS partner for Mitel

  • Integration of RingCentral MVP with Mitel’s unique CloudLink technology will provide Mitel’s user base of over 35 million an easy migration path to RingCentral’s industry-leading MVP cloud communications platform

  • Mitel continues to focus on delivering leading UC solutions and innovation for its global customers

  • RingCentral acquires differentiated CloudLink technology to enable a unique transition path from on-premises PBX to RingCentral’s Message Video Phone (MVP) cloud platform

  • Mitel investor group led by affiliates of Searchlight Capital Partners, L.P. (“Searchlight”) to invest $200 million in RingCentral

RingCentral & Avaya Partnership highlights:

  • Avaya to expand its portfolio with a new “Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral” UCaaS offering

  • RingCentral becomes the exclusive provider of UCaaS solutions to Avaya

  • Avaya will now have a full suite of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions for its global UC and CC customers and partners

  • Accelerates the company’s execution of its growth strategy and transformation to the cloud

  • RingCentral contributes $500 million, comprised of a $125 million preferred equity investment and an advance of $375 million for future payments and certain licensing rights

  • Avaya delivers additional value to its shareholders through capital allocation actions

If you have any questions regarding the UCaas market; the RingCentral/Mitel or RingCentral/Avaya partnership, or what the correct Business Communications Strategy should be for your organization, please contact High Tech for assistance. We can be reached at 905-853-6262 or by emailing


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