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Unified communications service is a methodology that bridges multiple types of business communication along a single, consistent interface. It is not a single product, but rather a way of efficiently and effectively offering unified interactions across multiple devices and through different types of media. This includes both real-time methods—like phone systems, instant messaging, and video conferencing—and non real-time methods like voicemail, e-mail, or fax.



How Unified Communications Can Help Businesses


Enhancing Employee Productivity

Unified communications helps improve productivity by allowing activities to be shared and transferred seamlessly between different devices. With the click of a button or swipe of a finger, activities and files can be moved from tablets to desktops to smartphones to landlines. E-mail combines seamlessly with live video conferencing, web collaboration programs, SMS, and voicemail, all from a single interface. This ease of access, ease of use, and ease of integration means employees can quickly harness and alternate between modes of communication and transfers as needs dictate. 
The wireless nature of unified communications systems also means that employees are increasingly freed from having to be in a specific location to do their job. The ability to seamlessly transfer activities across linked systems means that mobile or remote workers can stay connected and engaged regardless of where they are.
Another way that unified communications helps employee productivity is the trend known as "BYOD" or Bring Your Own Device. The need to make a business's communications systems compatible with different types of personal devices (and doing so in a secure manner) is on the rise. Being able to facilitate this kind of activity rather than making use company-provided smartphones or tablets can enhance productivity by allowing employees to stick to what they are most comfortable with.


Lowering Costs

Unified communications systems are integrated over Internet channels when possible. This means that, for instance, call traffic is delivered over the WLAN rather than the cellular network or telephone cables. Not only does this reduce costs from service providers, it can eliminate most long distance costs. Integrating communications also helps reduce costs associated with human factors. Travelling for meetings can be both expensive and time consuming compared to integrated web conferencing or collaboration, to give just one example. 
Also, just as the BYOD approach described above lets employees work with the devices they are most comfortable with, the practice can help reduce costs for the business, too. With IT no longer having to purchase and maintain employee devices, those costs (and time) can be redirected to other projects.


Keeps Things Simple

Staying on the cutting edge of business means harnessing an increasing collection of software and devices. This can become difficult to keep track of let along manage as employees are constantly switching from one to the other or, alternatively, are actively avoiding using certain tools because they feel the addition would be too cumbersome. Unified communications systems help ensure that transition is smooth, integration is easy, and access is user-friendly.


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