VoIP Phone Systems in Ontario



Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems eschew cumbersome cables and telephone lines in favor of sending phone signals over the Internet. In addition to offering fewer tripwire opportunities, VoIP phone systems have begun empowering businesses with newfound flexibility, cost savings, and responsiveness that will allow them to continue competing in the fast-paced, modern world.



Why Are VoIP Phone Systems Needed in Ontario?


The importance of a VoIP phone system in Ontario is the same as anywhere else: Markets are becoming more globalized, and even small or medium-sized businesses have to grow agile avoid getting left behind. Communications solutions that are user-friendly, easy to install and maintain, and affordable are a cornerstone of these efforts



Features and Benefits of a VoIP Phone System


Mobility and Reach

No matter where your employees are, from on the road to down the hall, they will be able to access your company's phone system wherever they have an Internet connection. This allows your workers to stay in touch with each other, with your vendors or suppliers, customers, and with other key business contacts. Another key benefit is that, since VoIP phone systems don't use traditional phone lines, long-distance charges may not apply. This allows you to reach out across regions or borders and take your time in forming contacts and making deals without fear of racking up bills.


Advanced Features

VoIP phones are sophisticated, modern devices that are designed with business needs in mind. This means that the VoIP phones you get for your business can come with powerful and convenient tools to enhance communications. Just a few examples:

  • Send images or documents to the person you're calling

  • Webcam integration for face-to-face calls

  • Easy bridging for conference calls

  • Automatically forward voicemail to the email address of your choice

  • Ability to route calls to cellphones

  • Dictation feature that automatically transcribes calls ...and more!



Easy to Scale 

One of the recurrent issues with traditional business phone systems is that trying to expand and add new lines or phones can become costly and time consuming. With VoIP phone systems, hooking up a new line is as easy as a few clicks and plugging in a power cord. This allows you to effortlessly and affordably scale your communications infrastructure up or down as business needs dictate.



Conventional phone systems are prone to unexpected or lengthy downtimes as cables wear out, corrode, get accidentally cut or otherwise damaged, and generally need replacing. VoIP phone systems, by definition, do not suffer from this drawback and have fewer hardware elements to maintain and support. In addition, software and feature upgrades are regularly delivered by your VoIP provider so that you will always stay on the cutting edge of communications.



Why Use High Tech Communications for VoIP Phone Systems?


High Tech Communications, based in Aurora, has partnered with several best-of-breed cloud service providers to bring top-tier cloud services to you. In addition to cloud telephony, we offer a number of high-end VoIP phone systems and data solutions (on site or cloud) that can benefit a host of GTA sectors, such as education, healthcare, hospitality, call centres, and countless types of businesses. Our integrated network partnerships allow us to offer dedicated communications support across regional, national, and even international accounts.


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