High Tech Expands Datacentre, Cybersecurity & Cloud Services as Customer Demand Increases


Due to intensifying customer demand for secure cloud-based voice and data services and solutions, High Tech has increased our datacentre space. The events of 2020 and 2021 have been catalysts for change. We have helped our traditional premise-based customers modernize and future-proof their businesses by adding enhanced private managed cloud, and our comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure, cybersecurity and datacentre services.

Prior to the pandemic many small to medium-sized companies were hesitant to adopt cloud technology and most didn’t worry a lot about their cybersecurity exposure. Things have changed. The most alarming change has been the exponential rise of ransomware. No doubt you’ve heard about businesses, schools, and even governmental agencies that have been hit.

Today, antivirus and a firewall, while still important, just aren’t enough on their own to keep your proprietary data and your client’s confidential information secure.

So, what’s the next step?

The next generation of cybersecurity, datacentre and cloud strategy is a multilayered approach, protecting your systems and data at each level of your IT environment. Having the right Managed Services Provider who understands this has become more important than ever.

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Benefits of myHTCloud

  • Reduce IT costs without compromise

  • Introduce greater flexibility in the design and utilization of key data centre services

  • Enhance your business continuity/disaster recovery strategy

  • Increase security & control over valuable

  • 24/7 Support 

  • Data protection and daily backups

  • On-demand service upgrades

  • Custom offerings 

  • SIP trunks

  • Collocated rack space

  • VoIP integration 

  • Geo-redundancy

  • Network security

  • Hybrid on-premise/cloud solutions

  • corporate assets

  • Minimize latency and improve uptime/availability

Cloud adoption is increasing faster than ever. Let the team at High Tech be your guide as you look to navigate the impacts of going cloud for your business.

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Relocating Your Business? 

Not only will we move your existing phone system to another location - we can upgrade your system to the newest technology and implement additional applications too!


Certified Warranty Programs

Let High Tech work with you to design a maintenance and support program that best suits your needs.



Private Managed Cloud 

High Tech’s enhanced private managed cloud services, myHTCloud, offer a comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure and data centre services

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

High Tech's customers trust our industry-leading backup & restore solutions with replication and Disaster recovery built in. They utilize our detailed analytics with unified monitoring and reporting across on-premises, cloud and remote agents.