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Productivity Tools


High Tech has assembled a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and software applications to complement our customers' telephone systems. These tools are intended to increase the productivity and effectiveness of our customers' communications systems and their employees. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

Conferencing Units for Boardroom Use

Polycom's SoundStation

• This unit is ideal for small to medium-sized conference rooms. 
• Its distinctive, award-winning design is familiar throughout the world. 
• This conference phone offers natural, full-duplex (two-way) conversations without any clipping or distortion. 
• It is simple to use and has optional extension microphones to expand its range for larger-sized rooms.
• It is available as a corded or wireless model, IP or Analog. 

Voice and Screen Recording

High Tech can provide the appropriate call recording system for your contact centre or business office.  You will be able to monitor, log, review, retrieve, evaluate, organize, and catalog voice and data in a simple-to-use Windows server environment. Plus, you'll achieve near-real-time verification of voice, chat, email, and fax transactions, too.

Administration Management Systems

Pulling the Pieces Together.

Administration of a company’s communication solutions is a critical element in creating a productive work environment. System administrators design, deploy and manage communications systems and infrastructures. Numerous challenges exist in understanding the wide range of technologies available and applying various solutions to help user organizations achieve their business goals.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Devices

No system is truly secure without an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

A UPS is a device which maintains a continuous supply of electric power to connected equipment by supplying power from a separate source, when commercial utility power is not available. A UPS is situated between the source of power (typically commercial utility power) and the load it is protecting. 

When a power failure or abnormality occurs, the UPS will effectively switch from utility power to its own power source almost instantaneously. With the additional back-up running time you can ensure continued productivity. 

Some models include line-interactive features to maintain a consistent flow of voltage in times of power surges or brownouts, further protecting your investment and extending equipment life.


Wired and Wireless Headsets

Traditional (Wired) Headsets

Being an authorized Bronze reseller of Jabra products High Tech provides a wide variety of direct plug-in or desk-top amplified headsets. They provide all day wearing comfort, noise-cancelling features at an affordable price. 

Most headsets include a variety of wearing options including a) a headband, b) over-the-ear pieces and simple quick-disconnect modules to provide enhanced user capabilities.


Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets provide users with the ability to be hands-free while multi-tasking throughout the day. Their ergonomic design and various accessory options reduce neck and back strain while releasing tension.


Excellent sound quality, built-in noise-cancelling and encryption features ensure clarity and a secure conversation every time. 

Various styles and ranges are available depending on your requirements (talk time hours, PC compatible, etc.).

A remote hand-lifter accessory is essential to maximize efficiency by allowing users the ability to answer and terminate calls while away from their desk.


Wireless Multiuse Solution

The groundbreaking Jabra Multiuse Headsets will switch effortlessly between your mobile phone and your desk phone or computer. Now one headset is enough for all your telephony needs.


What's New?

Hands-Free Solutions for mobile devices


Did you know that Bluetooth headsets are an effective solution for your mobile workforce?  Bluetooth headsets are ergonomically designed to ease any neck stress or pain experienced by the user, while providing the ability to be hands-free. Utilizing built-in Bluetooth and voice-activated features within cell phones and PDA devices, managing calls throughout the day is easier and assists in creating safer driving conditions. 



Make contact the first time and every time you call - with Presence.

Key Benefits

Presence gives you a bird’s eye view of the organization by providing real-time information on the whereabouts and availability of staff regardless of their location. Your ability to quickly find the company “expert” you require to close a sales call or resolve a customer service inquiry can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a disgruntled one. Presence makes first call resolution a reality, improving the quality of your internal and external interactions.


  • Presence pages allow users to view the status of all other users within the organization.

  • Users enable Presence so that when they are in the office, their availability is recognized and displayed ("At my Desk", "Away from my Desk") for all Desktop and Console users across the network.

  • A user is seen to be available if they use their mouse, keyboard or telephone. After 10 minutes (or a configurable period) of inactivity, the user is considered to be away.

  • Desktop and Console users can request return notification for any Presence user. This activates a screenpop to notify the user when the person they wish to speak to becomes available.

  • If a user's current Profile is "forwarded" (i.e., the user's phone is diverted to Voice Messaging) and their Presence is detected, Desktop pops a reminder to the user so they can update their Profile (e.g. change it to "In the Office" so that they can receive calls at their desk).

  • Presence users can choose to display the subject of their active Microsoft Outlook appointment for other users to view. This is particularly useful for keeping operators and receptionists informed of staff whereabouts and availability.

  • Presence pages allow users to access Global, Personal and Microsoft Outlook Contacts buttons for one-touch and speed-dialing.


Required Modules

Each Presence user requires one of the following applications: Executive Outlook, Executive Desktop, Agent Desktop or Console.


Automated Message System (AMS)

The fast, easy, affordable way to deliver reminders and messages.


Managing time and resources is much easier with the help of reminders and messages. They assure that patients get to appointments and that customers tend to maintenance tasks and that their bills are paid promptly. Messages also call attention to important information, news or data.


Automated Message System (AMS) can send a message – via either a phone call or a text message – that provides patients and customers with the information they need.


With database integration, each call or message can be customized with specific information for each targeted individual. AMS functionality supplements the calling capability and requests receipt of the message is confirmed. Message recipients may also be offered the option of being routed to a staff member via either a normal extension number or integration with Contact Center solutions.


How can your business use AMS?


• Promotions, special offers & incentives

• Membership, subscription or service renewals

• Event invitations

• New product or service offerings

• Product upgrade available

• Customer satisfaction surveys

• Locator services

• Contests and opinion polls

• Reservations

• Info requests

• Order status

• Solicit repeat business

• Maintenance due reminder

• Warranty expiration notice

Network Assessment and Monitoring

Bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis are two key activities for every business environment. Performing each correctly assists the network administrator with identifying and predicting areas of congestion and potential bottlenecks.


High Tech utilizes a multi layered approach to analyzing and monitoring your network, providing an experienced team of support analysts to quickly interpret data and implement necessary resolutions.


A Stethoscope for the Network

High Tech uses an always on Appliance that is placed on your network. This appliance will generate small proprietary packets that without causing any network burden go out through the network and allow us to determine each of the endpoint devices attached.


Packet Level Inspection

Securely capture and analyze network packets when problems arise to determine application level threats and faults.


VoIP Pre-Assessments

Is your network ready for VoIP? Our pre-installation assessment will determine the readiness of your LAN, WAN and provide recommendations.


Network Design

Our design team can work with you to develop a state of the art network enabling you with centralized management and redundancy.


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