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Telecom Systems



Contact a High Tech Communications Consultant for more information or to arrange a no-charge, no-obligation consultation.

High Tech provides a full range of world-class telecom solutions such as: cloud systems, traditional TDM systems with digital phones, IP systems, hybrid systems with combination of IP and digital and analog ports as well as integrated mobility, collaboration, gateways for remote users and a host of add-on applications and services.  We provide completely integrated systems that scale from 10 users to 20,000 users.


As enterprises move toward a more geographically dispersed, 24x7 workforce, they need tools to enable their users to quickly solve business challenges and decrease down-time and missed opportunities.


We also can provide open standards-based platforms to accommodate customers with multi-vendor environments who are seeking to leverage existing systems and to enhance their user experience.


Whether you are seeking a hosted, cloud based solution, on site solution or even a combination of the two,High Tech Communications can provide you with the proper telephone solutions your business needs.

Our knowledgeable, professional representatives will be happy sit down with you in person and design a solution that meets your needs for today and in the future.

On site, Cloud or Hybrid
IP telecom solutions

Digital and IP telecom systems

On site or Cloud
Digital and IP telecom solutions
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