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Telecommunications Construction

Our team of telecommunications and construction experts blend technical proficiency with construction know-how
to provide you with exceptional service. 


About Us

High Tech C + C

Welcome to the homepage of High Tech Communications and Construction! We specialize in providing exceptional telecommunications and construction services through the expertise of our team of professionals. Our technical proficiency, combined with our construction know-how, enables us to deliver outstanding results from start to finish.

At High Tech, we are committed to keeping pace with the latest technological advancements. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for the design, construction, and maintenance of telecommunications towers and networks, as well as electric vehicle charging stations. Our experience includes working with some of Canada's largest telecommunications companies, and we continually strive to remain at the forefront of new technologies.

We take pride in being industry experts and are fully equipped to construct new towers and electric vehicle power stations. Thank you for considering High Tech Communications and Construction for your telecommunications and construction needs.

Our Mission Statement 

  • Innovation is key to solving complex projects 

  • We see every challenge as a chance to showcase our worth 

  • Trust is our highest priority when serving our clients 

  • We work collaboratively as a team and support one another 

  • Open communication and unparalleled customer service are vital to maintaining strong client relationships, our most valuable asset. 

Our Services

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Design and Build

Our team of experts in telecommunications and construction blends technical proficiency with construction know-how to provide you with exceptional service. We will work with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final touches, ensuring that your project is completed with excellence. 


High Tech Communications and Construction follows a tried and tested process that we have developed over years of successful projects. Our clients know that our process is why we are so reliable.


Tower Supply & Installation

We take pride in our one-best-way Design Planning & Build process, which allows us to create customized tower structures that not only meet but exceed your expectations. As a leading provider, we work with top manufacturers in the industry to supply tower structures that are tailored to your unique needs. After creating a detailed plan for your tower, our team of experts will then install it with precision, ensuring that it will serve you well for many years to come. .

Tower Maintenance

At High Tech Communications and Construction, we offer tower maintenance services to help extend the life of your tower. Regular maintenance is essential, even for the most well-constructed towers. By enlisting our site maintenance agreement, you can fully leverage your investment in the tower and its equipment. We adhere to CSA-S37 industry best practices and standards to ensure that our maintenance services go above and beyond expectations. 

Tower Reinforcing

Our team at High Tech Communications and Construction is equipped to reinforce existing tower structures, thus prolonging their lifespan. By reinforcing your tower's foundation, structure, or equipment, we can help you save on new construction costs, minimize network downtime, and reduce construction time. In addition, we can increase the capacity of your tower, adding even more value to your previous investment. Don't hesitate to consult with one of our experts on how we can assist you in reinforcing your existing tower. 

Equipment Deployment & Testing

Our team is equipped to manage the logistics and deployment of communication systems, including antenna and microwave equipment, with ease. We have established strong partnerships with the industry's top vendors to ensure that our clients have access to the best equipment available. In addition, we offer testing services for any existing equipment, as needed. 

Traditional Commercial Construction

With years of construction experience and a highly skilled team, we offer Civil Construction services with the same reliable service you’ve come to expect from us. We are your dependable partners for foundations, road work, excavation, trenching and other infrastructure projects. A quick call or email to our sales team can help you with engineering and design questions.

Technical Services

Our team of highly trained professionals is well-equipped to provide you with a wide range of technical services, including: 

  • Installation of Transport/Network/Alarm Monitoring Equipment from top brands like DSX, Cisco, T-Lan, and more 

  • Wireless network equipment installation 

  • Equipment testing, commissioning, and removal 

  • Coaxial, Hybrid (fiber & DC), and Ethernet Cable Installation on towers or buildings 

  • Microwave equipment installation 

  • Fiber Optic installation, termination, and testing (OTDR) 

  • Building and cabinet infrastructure installation, including equipment racks, overhead cable rack, fiber optic/ETH tray systems, and demarcation boards, among others 

  • Optical transmission equipment and systems 

  • DC power equipment, batteries, and grounding equipment 

If you require a service that is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us and inquire. We are here to help. 

Before and after of a Cabling Upgrade Project in Scarborough 

Our Projects

5G Tower install on a Mississauga rooftoop


Electric Car Power Station


Rooftop Safety Project

High tech c+c 6.jfif

Roof Barrier System

High tech c+c 4.jfif

New Build for Freedom Mobile in Brampton 


The start of a new New Xplore Tower in Harley


Freedom Mobile Build in Toronto

hightech C+C 7.jpg

A recent rooftop ladder project our team installed


200' Guyed Tower Removal on a Farm

High Tech C+C Farm job 2.jfif

200' Guyed Tower Removal on a Farm

High Tech C+C Farm job 4.jfif

200' Guyed Tower Removal on a Farm

High Tech C+C Farm job 3.jfif

Supply & install Fire Station Tower in Simcoe


Toronto Transit Authority (TTC) Tower Build

High tech c+c 1.jfif

Canada's Wonderland

High tech c+c 5.jfif

Great job on this very challenging site 

hightech C+C 6.jpg

Freedom Mobile build at the Oshawa Centre 


Freedom Mobile Build in Oak Ridges 


Our ballast mount new build site in Vaughan


The Rooftop view of the project


200' Guyed Tower Removal on a Farm

High Tech C+C Farm job 1.jfif

200' Guyed Tower Removal on a Farm

High Tech C+C Farm job 6.jfif

High Tech’s Proven Process 



High Tech Communications and Construction follows a tried and tested process that we have developed over years of successful projects. 

4. Review and

Sign Off 

Review and sign off on design planning and construction drawings. 

1. Contact

You can reach us by email or through our website for a 24-hour response time from Monday to Friday.

5. Sign the Agreement

Sign the agreement and establish the project timeline and communication schedule. 

2.  Needs Assessment

Schedule a Needs Assessment with one of our experts to discuss details, scope, budget, and timing. 

6. The


Fabrication, construction, and installation are carried out by our expert team. 

3. Quotation

sent to You

Receive a detailed and itemized quotation within one week of the request. 

 7. Communication and Reporting 

Communication and reporting includes completed close-out documents 

Contact Us for a Quote 

We are here to help!

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