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Interactive Voice Response


Do your Contact Centre agents receive customer calls the old-fashioned way? That is, calls wait in queue until they can be routed to an available agent? 

Do your contact centre agents handle customer requests for an account balance or access to inventory information, or information that an agent needs to read from a screen?

With 24 x 7 self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications, your customers can obtain standard information immediately using technologies known as speech recognition and text-to-speech and thus bypass contact centre agent involvement.

Your agents can then focus on answering pressing calls, such as sales inquiries from potential new customers. Agent productivity is maximized and customer satisfaction goes up.

Whether you're looking for an IVR application with sophisticated speech recognition, text-to-speech, contact centre applications with screen pops and database connectivity, voice portals, alerts, or fax tools, our team can design custom applications and plug-ins to increase your user productivity.



Contact Centres


A company's contact centre is the primary point of contact existing customers and, as important, it often provides the first impression a prospective customer will form of your company.  At High Tech we offer a broad range of premises-based and cloud contact centre solutions from the very small (less than 5 agents) to the larger ones (hundreds of agents), or complex (various skill-set routing vectors), and with remotely situated agents.

Questions we ask our customers about their contact centre requirements include:


  • Do you need a strong framework to support customer contacts? High Tech will provide powerful, fully-integrated systems to address your contact centre's communication needs.

  • Are you trying to evaluated your existing contact centre's performance and plan for the future without adequate statistical information?

  • How do your customers perceive your contact centre? Our contact centre applications can help you improve that critical first impression by increasing customer access options and alternatives, streamlining customer transactions and creating a closed-loop system with contact follow-up.

  • Could your Contact Centre be more efficient? Could it function in a more cost-effective manner?

  • Could you offer your customers a choice in how to contact you?

  • Do you need an improved framework to support your volume of customer contacts?

  • Could your current contact centre be staffed in a more cost-effective manner?


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