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High Tech’s Email Security Overview

Trust your inbox again with cloud email security that protects your people and critical information from malware, as well as malware-free phishing and impersonation attempts.

High Tech’s Email threat management solutions connect the best malware prevention and advanced AI to deliver trust in your inbox from any location. Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and decades of threat intelligence, High Tech’s Email Threat Management solutions remove and prevent malware, malicious URLs, credential harvesting, and impersonation attacks before your team ever notice, enabling them to receive email faster and more securely with high-performance advanced threat detection.

With High Tech’s email security in place, you will be able to prevent phishing and imposter threats, stop malware from reaching your inbox, and gain peace of mind from true data security.  The best part is these solutions fully integrate with High Tech’s suite of overall Cybersecurity solutions as well as Microsoft Office 365.  Contact your High Tech Account Manager to learn more!


•    Integrate with business email providers: Microsoft 365, Google Workspaces Gmail, and more
•    API-based email security for Microsoft 365 with post-delivery protection
•    Stop spam, malware, ransomware, and malicious URLs
•    Block malware-free phishing and impersonation attempts
•    Protect sensitive data with email encryption and data loss prevention

How High Tech will protect your inbox and increase your team’s efficiency:

Prevent Phishing and Imposter Threats

Many cyber attacks start with phishing. The danger is not the email itself but rather what it gets people to do, such as emails that include malicious links or malware that attackers try to trick you into activating.
Sophos keeps phishing imposters out, automatically identifying your high-profile targets for malware-free impersonation and Business Email Compromise attacks. It then blocks the attack with machine learning analysis of message content, sender authentication, URL protection, and cloud sandboxing.

Stop Malware From Reaching the Inbox

Multi-layered protection utilizes over 35 years of threat intelligence, reputational and behavioural analysis, and state-of-the-art machine learning to eliminate malware and malicious URLs from ever reaching the inbox.
Sophos’ cloud sandbox analyzes all file processes, file activity, registry activity, and network connections to block ransomware, other forms of malware, exploits and PUA. Utilizing deep learning artificial intelligence to block zero-day threats in their tracks.

Gain Peace of Mind from Data Security

Sophos Email automatically scans messages and attachments for sensitive data with seamless integration of encryption.
Prevent data loss with multi-rule DLP policies for groups and individual users to ensure protection of sensitive information with discovery of financials, confidential contents, health information, and PII in all emails and attachments.
Encrypt messages and add a digital signature to verify sender identity with S/MIME, or select from customizable encryption options including TLS encryption, attachment encryption (PDF and Office), or add-on full web portal encryption.

Microsoft 365 Security

Sophos Email integrates with Microsoft 365 (M365) email in minutes. API-based email security ensures faster setup and email processing.

•    Sophos Mailflow Rules connection is completed in minutes from the Sophos Central console, with no need for MX record redirections.
•    Continuous post-delivery protection automatically removes phishing emails containing newly infected URLs as soon as the threat state changes.
•    Direct integration with the flow of messages means faster processing time on all emailz, while still providing the same advanced protection.

Centralize Threat Intelligence for Faster Response

Maximize security investment and identify previously unseen indicators of compromise across your environments with shared threat intelligence from endpoint and email protection in the Sophos XDR data lake. Extend visibility across the Microsoft 365 suite, server workloads, mobile devices, the network and more.

Comprehensive Reporting

Sophos unlocks visibility with clear dashboards, message summaries and detailed threat reports.
•    Message History (shows logs of all mail processed by the system)
•    Message Summary (shows a summary of all emails)
•    Sandbox Advanced Threat Summary (verdict reports, including VirusTotal results & MITRE ATT&CK Matrix tactics)
•    Time of Click Summary (volume of blocked, warned and allowed URLs)
•    DLP Violations (messages logged by DLP policies)
•    Post-delivery Summary (summary of M365 messages removed post-delivery)
•    License Usage Summary

Increase Team Efficiency

Do more with your day from Sophos’ single cloud management console. Millions trust Sophos to increase their cybersecurity efficiency with streamlined setup, rollout, and management of email protection, endpoint, server workload, mobile device security, firewall, zero trust, public cloud security and more, all from one place.

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