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High Tech Communications Has the Security Solutions you need!

As the economy continues to recover from the challenges of the past few years, criminal activity continues to rise with businesses being targeted like never before. As you have probably heard, Automotive Dealerships are being hit hard by Catalytic Converter theft on a nightly basis. At High Tech, we see how non-existent physical security, older security cameras and video management systems are putting companies at risk. Adding new cameras, streaming higher-resolution video and expanding to new sites can also be significant investments. Technology enhancements put an added strain on IT infrastructure. That’s why it’s vitally important to partner with an experienced Managed Service Provider like High Tech Communications.


High Tech has experience with various video surveillance manufacturers to provide best-of-breed and cost-effective video surveillance solutions. At High Tech we recognize that each customer’s security requirements are unique, and our knowledgeable, professional representatives are happy to work with our customers to design and install the perfect video surveillance solution to meet their current and future needs.

We will properly assess your risk factors by asking questions such as:

Are sensitive areas of the premises kept under watch or locked at all times?

Do you have 24-hours a day, 365 days a year physical security at all of your locations?

Is your location, inventory or industry a preferred target for thieves?

Do your employees know every other employee that works for your organization?

Do they know policies on letting vendors and authorized visitors into the building?

Would your employees hold the door for someone they didn’t know?

High Tech can access all of these risk factors in order make your business less vulnerable to those who would seek to target you.


A High Tech Communications Security Video Assessment is an evaluation of all the critical components of proper threat detection. Our assessment provides a means to accurately determine the necessary solutions needed to mitigate situations that pose a challenge to physical security. Our Video assessments guarantee our systems are robust and capable of providing the highest level of protection for the specific application in which they are employed. We develop customized video surveillance solutions, as each application has specific sensitivity to weather, speed, range, temperature, precision and budget requirements.

The Video Security Assessment will enable us to provision the right system components and install an integrated system that is configured to your unique requirements. High Tech utilizes high-quality and high-sensitivity surveillance cameras and vision systems. Our integration of surveillance equipment includes enhanced IP cameras, Pan/ Tilt / Zoom units, License Plate recognition, camera housings and a variety of large zoom lenses. Our expert engineers custom design video system security concepts in the most adverse viewing and environmental conditions. High Tech supplies only the latest technology and equipment by working with market leaders in IP video surveillance and video management solutions.


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