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On-Premise versus Cloud VoIP and The High Tech Difference

How can you receive the benefits of Cloud based UCaaS at an affordable cost in 2022

The technology landscape moves quickly as progressive companies develop new, innovative products and platforms for the ever-changing marketplace. Mergers, acquisitions, and technology partnerships add additional levels of consumer complication. That is why many organizations trust High Tech to navigate the shifting technology market over the past 35 years.

The transition to Cloud Communications has been occurring over the past few years and recently accelerated with the RingCentral partnerships with Mitel & Avaya. High Tech assists organizations of all size to understand all the available options and have developed a Hybrid solution to fulfill the promise of continued investment protection.

How can you receive the benefits of Cloud based UCaaS at an affordable cost? High Tech has made it easier to make the transform to Cloud communications by leveraging existing premise-based systems. Our customers appreciate that we have partnered with the best providers available, including RingCentral, Mitel and Avaya since it allows us to perfectly tailor our solutions and services to meet the changing needs of their businesses.

Over the years this client-focused approach has led some of our customers to move their communications and data network infrastructure to our secure Tier 3 Data Centre. We have developed a Hosted Private Managed Cloud hybrid solution to provide the advantages of Cloud communications, while extending the Return on Investment of their original technology investment. Every organization will eventually ponder Cloud communications as their technology option and weigh the Pros and Cons against a proven on-premise system. Let High Tech assist with your evaluation.

Our Account Management Team and supporting Subject Matter Experts have been providing guidance to customers. Several have already leveraged our innovative hosted cloud platform and have integrated existing on-premises infrastructure with modern cloud applications. Those requiring a pure Cloud transition can simply migrate to the RingCentral platform that best meets their unique requirements. This highly differentiated transition path to seamless cloud adoption is a real win-win for the consumer!

What RingCentral and Mitel are saying about the partnership:

“We are bringing together the best of Mitel and RingCentral to give customers the right communications and collaboration solutions for their needs,” said Vlad Shmunis, RingCentral’s founder, chairman and chief executive officer. “Given our maniacal customer-centric focus, we’re delighted to now be able to offer customers a flexible and differentiated digital transformation path.”

“We are excited to bring the market-leading UCaaS solution to our customers and channel partners with RingCentral as our exclusive UCaaS partner,” said Tarun Loomba, newly appointed president and chief executive officer at Mitel. “The unique depth of this partnership furthers our strategy of delivering world-class communications to our customers and providing them a clear and flexible path for the future.”

What RingCentral and Ayaya are saying about their partnership:

“Avaya and RingCentral’s joint investment and commitment to bringing Avaya Cloud Office to market creates an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate the transition to the cloud with attractive economics for our customers and partners,” said Jim Chirico, President and CEO of Avaya. “This also gives us the opportunity to unlock value from a largely unmonetized base of our business as it brings compelling value to our customers and partners. We believe this highly complementary partnership is a game-changer that expands the total addressable market for Avaya and creates meaningful value for both Avaya and RingCentral.”

If you have any questions regarding the UCaas market; High Tech’s Cloud Hosting; the RingCentral/Mitel or RingCentral/Avaya partnership, or what the correct Business Communications Strategy should be for your organization, please contact High Tech for assistance.

We can be reached at 905-853-6262 or by email:


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