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Unleashing the Power of IP Paging: 10 Benefits for Your Business

High Tech Empowers businesses with cutting-edge IP paging solutions for seamless communication

IP Paging is becoming increasingly popular, as businesses and organizations move to more cost-effective, scalable and feature-rich communication solutions. High Tech Communications, an award-winning managed services provider, specializes in IP paging, and in this blog post, we will explore the key benefits of IP-based Paging Systems.

1. Common Network Infrastructure

One of the key benefits of IP paging is that it uses the same network infrastructure as other devices such as IP phones, printers, computers, machines, and cameras. This makes it cost-effective and eliminates the need for a separate un-managed wiring infrastructure required by analog paging.

2. Device Management

In IP paging, each speaker is directly connected to the network, which means that the features of individual speakers can be accessed through a web interface to change power level, paging zones, frequency response, delay, or many of the other features supported. With analog speakers, you may need a high lift to change a power tap in a warehouse or be opening ceilings to re-route cabling for page zone changes. IP speakers can be simply re-configured from anywhere there is network access.

3. Supervision

Since each IP speaker is connected to the network in a "home run" topology, every speaker can be continuously monitored for connectivity and status. This isn't possible with analog speakers wired in parallel on un-managed infrastructure. Supervision provides assurance that every speaker is always operational.

4. Open Standards

High Tech's IP-based voice paging is based on open standards including IEEE 802.3 compliant networks, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), and multicast. By adhering to "Open Standards," customers are not held hostage to other vendors' proprietary systems and software.

5. UC Integration via SIP & Multicast

High Tech installed IP speakers supporting SIP can be registered as an extension on most UC premise or cloud-based platforms using open standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology. High Tech is supported on over 60 UC platforms. Several brands of SIP phones also allow paging independent of a SIP server using multicast. In a hosted cloud scenario, that eliminates any licensing costs associated with paging access.


A major benefit of IP paging is its scalability from one speaker to thousands. Each speaker just requires an available PoE network port. If only one speaker is required, IP paging simply requires one available PoE network port vs. the installation of common equipment for high voltage amplifiers. In large-scale applications, IP speakers can be continuously added with additional network switches, if necessary, without ever reaching a hard limit based on amplifier capability or wiring infrastructure.

7.Unlimited Page Zones

IP voice paging can be zoned down to individual speakers if desired or include as many speakers as necessary without restriction. Zoning can be based on the SIP extension dialed, keypad commands, or by multicast IP address, which is a very efficient way to activate many speakers simultaneously.

8. Speech Intelligibility

IP speakers with G.722 "HD Voice" or wideband capability provide enhanced intelligibility over speakers limited to narrowband or the telephone voice band (300-3400 Hz). And even if paging speakers and amplifiers have extended frequency response, any paging that is accessed via an FXS port, analog trunk, ATA, or telephone equivalent audio connection, the frequency response will necessarily be limited to narrowband. For organizations that are exposed to guidelines for speech intelligibility in public address (STI-PA), wideband offers an opportunity for improved STI scores.

9. Smart Speakers & IoT

IP speakers are amazingly capable compared to traditional high voltage analog speakers. The internal micro-processors, memory storage, audio processing, embedded microphones, and external interfaces make speakers flexible IoT endpoints as well as speakers. Embedded microphones in all High Tech Speakers permit talkback and automatic level adjustment based on ambient

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