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Modernizing Your Communications: The Case for Upgrading to MiVoice Business

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying ahead of the curve means continuously upgrading your technology. If your organization is using Mitel's MiVoice Connect, now is the perfect time to transition to the more advanced MiVoice Business platform. High Tech Communications, with over 35 years of experience in Managed Services, Data, and Telecom, is here to guide you through this essential upgrade.

Why Make the Switch?

1. Enhanced Capabilities

MiVoice Business offers an array of new features, including advanced UC, collaboration, and contact center functionalities. With integrated CloudLink capabilities, chat, video, and MS Teams integration, your business will operate more efficiently than ever.

2. Seamless Operational Transition

Upgrading doesn't have to disrupt your business. MiVoice Business ensures a smooth transition with compatible capabilities, allowing you to maintain operational continuity.

3. Significant License Discounts

Take advantage of substantial discounts on license upgrades. Systems created within the last 5 years qualify for significant High Tech and Mitel discounts, while older systems can receive significant High Tech and Mitel discounts. Plus, enjoy a Buy 3, Get 1 offer on select Mitel 6900 Series Phones.

4. Scalability and Future-Proofing

As your business grows, so should your communication solutions. MiVoice Business supports thousands of seats and offers robust leading-edge capabilities across all communication functions, ensuring your infrastructure can scale with your business. MiVoice Business is Mitel's #1 Solution with a unparalleled commitment to research and development and improving customer experience year-over-year.

Special Offer

Contact us at to learn more about these exciting opportunities and start your upgrade journey today.

We invite you and your stakeholders to a 15-minute information session to discuss the benefits and process of upgrading to MiVoice Business.

High Tech Communications is committed to providing cost-effective solutions that enhance business operations and improve employee and customer experiences. Let's modernize your telecommunications together.


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