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The Time To Switch to Cloud-based Communications is now

An Experienced Managed Services Provider is Essential to Bridge the Gap Between Legacy Technology and the Cloud

As a trusted Managed Services Provider with 35 years of experience with cutting edge technology High Tech Communications has seen a myriad of changes. In recent years, one thing has become abundantly clear as we’ve helped companies outsource their IT needs and implement the latest in telephony technology, more companies are dropping on-premise infrastructure and switching to cloud-based solutions.

The reasons for this paradigm shift include: flexibility, disaster recovery, automatic software updates, Opex over Capex, enhanced collaboration, the ability to work from anywhere, document control, security, competitiveness and being environmentally friendly. So, for most IT leaders it is no longer “if” they will switch to the cloud but, rather, “when” the transition will happen. For that reason High Tech has partnered with the #1 cloud communications in the world today, RingCentral.

Why now is the time to switch

According to the leading global research and advisory firm, Gartner, “By 2021, 90% of IT leaders will not purchase new premises-based UC infrastructure.” Up from 50% the year before this statistic is an indication that premise-based solutions will continue their downward trajectory and cloud-based telecommunications will become the new normal.

Why you need a managed service provider for a smooth transition to the cloud

As implementing cloud environments becomes more complex and the need to connect with legacy technology persists High Tech has developed the right mix of services and peripheral devices to meet our customers’ expectations. For most companies, the transition from premised-based technology to hosted cloud (such as RingCentral) is almost seamless. However, for others, there may be challenges such as, acquiring accurate line and equipment information from multiple sites, the need to interact with legacy technology like paging systems, analog wall phones and other devices.

This is why so many of High Tech customers combine the strengths of RingCentral and High Tech for a win-win combination.

Four reasons to switch to Cloud with the help of High Tech ASAP!

1) 2019 announced Avaya partnership: If you have an Avaya system you can take advantage of Avaya’s strategic partnership with RingCentral called “Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral”.

If your internal IT team needs assistance to navigate this transition High Tech has the experience to project manage your implementation.

From RingCentral’s CEO

“This strategic partnership leverages the respective strengths of Avaya and RingCentral to provide a definitive differentiated solution,” said Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman and CEO, RingCentral. “We are excited to bring RingCentral’s leading UCaaS platform to Avaya’s installed base of over 100 million users and over 4,700 partners, providing long-term growth opportunities for both our companies.”

*** Also worth mentioning, is that most Cisco phones can be easily re-provisioned to connect to the RingCentral network.. This has made for smooth transitions to the cloud for many of our customers ***

2) Investing in a cloud-based solution = future-proofing your technology

Many telecommunications companies claim they have cloud-based technology but, what they really have is a premise-based solution with the system components hosted off-site in a data centre. RingCentral cloud system has been developed from the ground up to work in the cloud supported by multiple geo-redundant data centres and the highest security and full encryption. Adding to this is RingCentral’s “mobile first” technology enabling one touch access to meetings, faxes, SMS and voice calls from anywhere you happen to be.

3) RingCentral has invested in two Canadian Data Centres in 2019

The addition of Ring Central’s redundant Canadian data Centre in 2019 ensures that all your company’s data remains in Canada and is protected by our laws. For many of High Tech’s customers in the finance, healthcare, and the public sector this development will help them move faster and embrace cloud technology.

4) Scalability is improved by shedding the investments necessary for on-site deployment

No more onsite servers, or rooms dedicated to equipment, or people to hire to manage your telecom needs. Sound ideal? Well, removing most of your infrastructure can be accomplished very easily using RingCentral. However, when you need advice or best practices for mixing cloud with legacy technology, an MSP can be a valued partner.

High Tech Communications can help

High Tech Communications helps companies plan for their future IT needs which includes how to best manage their new cloud-focused environment. For those companies which do not have resources in place to manage cloud and hybrid environments, working with a managed service provider, such as High Tech, can be the answer. An MSP, focused on the bigger picture, with experience managing hybrid environments which include data centres, private clouds and/or public clouds can be a tremendous asset to your organization.

If you have any questions about modernizing your team’s communications platform and dealing with legacy technology implications, please reach out to me at or by calling 289-470-7019


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