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Beware of Ransomware!

We have experienced some clients recently who have been held hostage with ransomware software, specifically TeslaCrypt. Apparently it can find its way in via Adobe Flash.

Ransomware works by entering a user’s computer and modifying files. The process involves renaming the files with alternate names and extensions, encrypting the files, and then locking up an encryption key, so the user cannot retain any use of the files. The encryption key is deposited somewhere in the operating system registry. This is nasty for unsuspecting users. All files will become useless to the end user. This includes, jpg, Word, pdf, and more.

Methods of protection include:

¨ Up to date security and Anti malware protection subscriptions

¨ Keep vendor software up to date with latest releases and vulnerability patches.

¨ Web filtering to prevent access to known web pages with malware intentions. TeslaCrypt originated within the gaming community and has migrated to the business desktop.

¨ Regular System backups to recover files held at ransom.

Methods of recovery include:

¨ Paying the ransom in bitcoins to acquire an unlock key. $500

¨ Restoring files and systems to pre-infection dates

¨ Abandoning lost files

If you are a victim of ransomware, and are looking for the solution to the problem, we regret to say that there is no universal treatment. If you obtain a key, then you can use a tool to recover your system files.

Without a key it’s almost impossible to do something. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you don’t pay the ransom, if possible. If people do not pay, ransomware business will be unprofitable and cybercriminals will have less motivation to release the next season of ransomware series.

You can contact any of our account representatives to provide you with a pro-active methodology process in order to maintain your full systems operation. Our Managed Services Portfolio provides multiple methods of defense to eliminate the potential of Malware within your environment.

Please contact us for information on how to protect yourself from ransomware and viruses.

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