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How Your Business Phone Solution Can Help You Save & Grow

Traditionally, business phone services has been considered as an expense item. However, with the advances in telecom, convergence and unified communications (UC) perhaps it’s time to re-frame that thinking. When deployed for maximum potential, your communications solution can not only lower costs, but increase revenues as well.

This concept isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. By integrating traditional phone features with business productivity and collaboration tools, your phone service can be turned into a source of revenue. What’s more, replacing your aging traditional service with a VoIP phone system can save your business money.

Below are just some of the ways your phone solution can help you save and grow:

Save money

Sources of Savings

Switch to VoIP:

Traditional phone systems have been seen as cost centres because they require a significant investment in equipment including phones, switches, wiring and other infrastructure. In addition, the expense for maintenance and support can be high if it’s managed by your IT team. Switching to a VoIP service can lower the total cost of operations over time. In fact, Nemertes Research recently evaluated IP phone systems based on a combination of capital outlays, implementation and operating costs and found replacing an aging telephone system proved to be an exceptionally cost-effective move in the long run.

Outsource to a Phone Service Provider:

With VoIP, you have the choice of keeping support in-house or handing all support and maintenance to the vendor, such as High Tech Communications. This enables you to control costs in the way that works best for your organization, either as an operating expense through a monthly subscription or as a capital expenditure.

Ensure Your Business is Always Available:

If you don’t answer your phones, your customers will lose faith – and you’ll lose your customers to competitors. This is a critical advantage of a VoIP business phone system. If bad weather causes one of your locations to go down, calls can be easily switched to another site. The customer will never know anything is amiss as calls will continue to go through without service interruptions.

Grow Your Business

Flexibility Allows You to Take Chances:

Change is constant in business, so the ability to adjust quickly in order to compete is vital. In a good year, you may experience a sudden spike in sales or have the chance to buy a competitor. The technology you have in place should be flexible enough to support any new opportunity that comes your way. An IP phone service makes adding new employees or new offices as simple as flipping a switch.

Contact Centres as Profit Centres:

Your contact centre agents hold the keys to developing more profitable relationships with existing customers. The more satisfying the customer experience, the more likely they are to become a repeat customer. But agents can only up-sell or cross-sell if they have the right tools to work with.

A VoIP phone service integrated with your CRM provides agents with customer intelligence that can increase your revenue. When a customer calls, an agent can review their account information before picking up the phone, making it easier to share information about new products and services specific to the needs of the caller.

Real-Time Reporting Improves Decision-Making:

Integrating contact centres and your business phone system also provides access to detailed reports. For example, with real-time reporting, managers can make quick decisions to allocate resources efficiently based on current call volume. In addition, managers will be able to measure performance against business goals, enabling them to increase staff or run new campaigns to meet or exceed targets.

Making the move to a new phone system might seem like a daunting and expensive proposition. But a VoIP business phone service offers features and functionality that can help your business save and grow. The savings – and revenue growth – might surprise you.

For more information on how your phone system can help you save and grow please contact your High Tech Account Manager.

Sales: 905 853-2335 ext. 561

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