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Unified Communications Is More Important Than Ever

These days life is moving faster and faster.

We keep supercomputers in our pockets and even on our wrists. We make phone calls on our computers and control our thermostats and lights with our phones.

And in business many of our customers are already using their own form of unified communications and they expect us to keep pace.

That’s why your business must work to embrace a Unified Communications, or UC, solution now more than ever.

Think about all of the moving parts and pieces in your daily business life. There is a constant stream of emails, texts, files, voice mails and meeting reminders. Just keeping tabs on these moving bits of information is hard enough unless you can find a way to organize or unify them into one tidy and manageable stack of data.

And that’s what Unified Communications is — The integration of all of your business communications needs into one, cohesive system.

Unified Communications includes telephone, voice mail, email, instant messaging and chat, presence, and desktop sharing as well as web and video conferencing.

All these services must work together seamlessly in order to reduce friction and create better employee and customer experiences.

Work Faster and Smarter

UC is designed to help employees carry out their work more efficiently and in a timelier manner, whilst being free to work from anywhere.

Timing is everything

UC brings Presence technology, which allows colleagues and business associates to quickly see the availability of, and best way to contact an individual.

A business benefit of Presence is that it enables an employee to locate and involve the right expert in a timely manner.

Productivity Tools at your fingertips

UC provides a platform that incorporates a range of web-based applications, including instant messaging, audio and web conferencing, video conferencing, and data sharing through web-connected, interactive whiteboards.

Here are just a few of the features of UC

¨ See the real-time presence and status of co-workers

¨ Use one-click dialing from a desktop interface

¨ Receive voice mail messages in an email

¨ Make phone calls from a lap top

¨ Use your smartphone as an extension on your phone system to make and receive calls

¨ Transfer calls between your smartphone and your desk phone

¨ Use group calendaring to view calendars and schedule appointments without playing phone tag

¨ One click access to audio, web and video conferences—any time, anywhere

UC has a number of cost and time-sharing benefits

According to research conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey found that:

¨ 9% of user organizations save up to 20 minutes per employee daily by reaching workers on the first try.

¨ 46% of user organizations realize travel savings of more than five days per employee annually

¨ 68% of user organizations report productivity improvements between geographically dispersed functional groups

¨ 50% of user organizations save up to 20 minutes per employee daily from more efficient message management

¨ Over 75% of user organizations experience improved productivity of employees across geographically dispersed locations due to voice and video conferencing

¨ 67% of user organizations report increased mobile worker productivity and faster problem resolution

Intangible benefits are harder to define

In our experience, the greatest returns come from improved communication, which can have several benefits, including enhanced customer service and revenue acceleration, where having faster access to information results in sales closing faster and invoices being sent out sooner.

For more information on Unified Communications please contact your High Tech Account Manager

Sales: 905 853-2335 ext. 561

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