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How a Cloud Contact Centre Can Create a Better Customer Experience

An effective contact centre team is essential to the growth and success of any business. Companies who operate with the traditional phone call method may be hesitant to update their setup, but evidence has shown that technology such as cloud contact centres have had a huge impact on productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the many benefits available to you if you switch to a cloud-based call centre.

Benefits of Cloud Contact Centres Faster and Smarter Services With the rise of technology, customers now expect businesses to provide faster services to them. Businesses should be considerate of their customers’ time, and this is where self-service comes in handy. If customers can have their problems resolved and questions answered on their own through the services you provide, they are more likely to be loyal, buy more, and refer their friends and family. Self-service applications also have a positive impact on your employees’ ability to deliver the best quality of service. There are programs you can incorporate into your web site that answer basic customer questions quickly, which saves time that would normally be spent talking with an agent. Provide Multiple Contact Options Customers today have more options to connect with businesses than ever before. Some of these options include e-mail, web chat, social media, and SMS. Customers have higher expectations for businesses to be engaged on every channel, so they can communicate with the company in whichever manner is most convenient for them. The multi-channel contact centre is quickly becoming an integral part of the communications strategy, as cloud services help deliver excellent customer support. Personalize Customer Interactions One of the best ways to provide customers an exceptional experience with your team is to personalize interactions with each caller. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications can be integrated into the call centre to record and make customer histories and information accessible across all channels. This enables agents in different departments or even different countries to greet a caller by name, and understand the caller’s interactions with previous agents at your company. This also prevents customers from having to explain their issues to one agent, only to be transferred and have to explain themselves a second time. This personalized experience goes a long way for the customer by saving time, making yourself look professional and aware, and resolving issues faster. Cloud contact centres make everyone in this relationship happy, and your customers will notice the benefits. Secure Payment Solutions If your business currently manages payments through in-house solutions, you may understand the huge security responsibilities that come with handling your own payments. These solutions must be fully PCI DSS compliant, which means you must dedicate time to frequently test and update the solutions, as well as put in work to pass annual assessments. If things are not up to par and a security breach occurs, you could be burdened with additional financial fees, lawsuits, fines, and damage to your reputation as a company. Instead of risking it, trusting a level 1 cloud-based third-party supplier can boost your security and improve your customer reputation as you secure information. Improve Your Contact Centre Strategies with High Tech Communications If you are looking for a contact centre solution provider in the GTA, High Tech Communications has the solutions you need. Based in Aurora, Canada, we have partnered with several first-rate cloud service providers to bring excellent communication technology to our customers. Our services also include setting up high-end VoIP phone systems and data solutions (on site or in the cloud) that can benefit a host of GTA sectors such as education, healthcare, hospitality, call centres, and countless types of businesses. We have integrated network partnerships and can offer dedicated communications support across regional, national, and international accounts. To learn more about how we can optimize your call centre and sales strategies, contact us toll-free at 1-(800) 853-2335.

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