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The Importance of Maintaining Your Business Phone System

Proper business phone system installation and maintenance is a critical component of business communications. A faulty system can have a negative impact on the way your entire business functions. There are several effective advancements that can help you avoid these issues and deal with them if they do occur. Here is some important information you need about why your business phone system needs to be properly maintained.

What Can Bring the System Down?

A business phone system can help your business run profitably and smoothly, and without it working correctly, you may experience a variety of issues. Some common issues include faulty wiring, voltage fluctuations, inadequate power backups, internet issues, and virus attacks. If these issues present themselves, you should work with a professional service provider.

Why Certified Technicians Are Important?

It might seem like a business phone system can be managed by any technician, but at the system’s core are unique processes. If you are experiencing issues or need service for your system, it is vital that you look for a technician who is manufacturer-certified to address the problem. A certified technician brings a variety of advantages since he or she will know how to provide more than just basic services or maintenance. Certified technicians have access to the most current information to ensure your system stays up-to-date. Certified technicians also have access to manufacturer technical support and escalation procedures for complex issues.

How to Maintain Your Business Phone System?

Here are some steps you can take to ensure that you do not end up with frustrating issues and major down time.

Analyze the Situation

Observe your entire system and ask yourself, “What are the specific goals and standards this system needs to meet?”

Identify Issues

Take an inventory of the devices, software and services running on your system. How old are they? What is the purpose of each one? What are the known issues? Are software updates needed? Does equipment need to be replaced? Once you have assessed and identified the issues, you can move on to backing up your system and scheduling a routine maintenance plan.


Make sure your system files and programs are backed up before you engage a certified technician. You need to ensure that you have a current copy saved in a secure location in the event of database corruption or a data wipe during repair or upgrade.

Routine Maintenance Plan

By partnering with a certified service provider, you will have a reputable team dealing with any issues or problems with your system. The service team will be able to respond to your concerns and keep your business on track.

Partner with High Tech Communications

If you are looking for a partner to provide you with regular business phone system maintenance, High Tech Communications can help. We understand the importance of making sure your system runs smoothly and is protected against issues caused by poor maintenance. Based in Aurora, we provide services that can transform your business. We partner with several first-rate service providers to bring excellent telecom, data, cabling, public address systems and video surveillance technology to our clients. Our services also include supplying and installing VoIP phone systems and data solutions (on site or in the cloud) that can benefit a host of GTA sectors such as education, healthcare, hospitality, call centres, and countless types of businesses. We provide dedicated communication support across national, regional, and international accounts. To learn more about how we can help you get more out of your communications, contact us toll-free at 1-(800) 853-2335.

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