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Benefits of Emergency Notification and Mass Communication Solutions for All Industries

Paging systems

In our ever-changing world, more and more organizations are starting to understand the value and benefits of emergency notification and crisis mass communication solutions.

Today’s advanced technology puts communications operations on your PC and at your fingertips.

Some of the benefits include:

Regulatory compliance:

Organizations have different directives and requirements for emergency mass notification. Some sectors, such as education and health care, are subject to government guidelines and regulations.

Comprehensive threat response:

With a comprehensive emergency communication solution, organizations have a greater ability to quickly react to large-scale threats (such as major weather patterns, pandemics, terrorist activity and more) which require rapid and pervasive mass notification.

Mass notification systems

Reduce the spread of misinformation:

Administrative staff will have the ability to make live announcements or broadcast pre-recorded announcements. These announcements can be initiated from a graphical user interface (GUI) which provides the user with visual representation of the facility’s floor plan, allowing for quick selection and broadcast of the appropriate announcement for each and every scenario. Integration with wireless technology is proven to increase the speed of all actions in response to an emergency. Text messages and alert tones can be linked with pre-recorded announcements to ensure that the correct message reaches the necessary people as quickly as possible.

Visual Floor Plan with Selection Buttons

Rapid and pervasive reach:

During any kind of emergency all pre-defined, necessary personnel can be notified immediately so that appropriate measures can be applied. Messages can be sent automatically to a wide array of devices, including cell phones (SMS), email, IM and computer pop ups.

Reduce response time:

Faster communication to selected team members or communities at large effectively reduce response time which can save lives and minimizes costly business interruptions.

Protect employees more effectively:

Organizations are able to receive rapid and reliable feedback regarding status of their personnel so they can focus their attention on those who need assistance or haven’t provided a response and/or status update.

How HTC Can Help You Design and Install Paging Systems for Your Industry

There are many additional industries that can benefit from business communication network systems, and if your company is seeking to reduce costs, streamline operations, enhance the customer experience, and improve employee productivity, this is a solution that you need to look into. It is important to find the right provider to help you set up the right paging system, and High Tech Communications can help you. Based in Aurora, Canada, we have partnered with mass notification solution providers to bring excellent products and services to you. Additionally, at High Tech we offer a number of high-end VoIP phone systems in Toronto and data solutions (on site or in the cloud) that can benefit a host of GTA sectors such as education, healthcare, hospitality, call centres, and countless types of businesses. We have integrated network partnerships and can offer dedicated communications support across regional, national, and international accounts. For more information on our cloud-based communication services contact us toll-free at 1-(800) 853-2335.

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