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Business Network Connectivity Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Business Network Connectivity

Providing quality healthcare is a key factor to improving the quality of life for our families, friends, neighbours, customers, and our entire network. However, if your healthcare centre still uses old PBX systems to communicate, you may not be providing the best support for your employees, colleagues, associates and patients. Thankfully, healthcare organizations can adopt the latest technology to provide top-quality solutions for their facilities. Solutions include telephone systems, mass notification and emergency notification systems, wireless telephones, security cameras, automated dictation capabilities, call flow reporting, and more. Here are some ways unified communications systems can streamline your communications amongst employees and staff, save you money, provide more safety and efficiency, and enable staff, medical personnel, and other members of your team to provide a higher level of service for patients and their families.

Business Phone Systems for Superior Communication

For superior communications, modern business phone systems make this important element more efficient. You will be able to communicate with all available employees and managers anywhere, as long as they have a mobile smartphone and/or access to the internet or wi-fi. For the healthcare industry modernizing you communications system can provide faster and more secure access to medical and paramedical personnel and enhanced reporting capabilities.

VoIP and Unified Communications to Maximize Productivity

Business communications networks help to make productivity better than ever. For example, collaboration via chat, web conferencing, document sharing, text, video, and voice will serve to streamline communications throughout the organization. Medical personnel and other concerned parties will be able to communicate and collaborate on solutions remotely. Staff will be in contact with one another anywhere, anytime, and medical personnel and patients will be able to converse remotely via multiple methods.

More Comprehensive Reporting to Strengthen Visibility & Control

We all know that, during times of reduced budgets combined with a growing demand for services and facilities within the healthcare segment, accurate reporting is paramount. By adopting current technology with accurate and easily accessible reporting on call activity healthcare facility administration staff can adjust staffing requirements, modify call queues and perform various other changes, as feasible, to more efficiently handle call volumes and reporting.

Conferencing & Collaboration Can Streamline Workflow

Network connectivity solutions are helpful for conferencing and collaboration. Using chat rooms, video, audio and web conferencing, document sharing and voice recordings, medical personnel and other staff are able to all work together on projects, acquire necessary training, or share solutions and feedback with ease. The ability to stay in constant communication facilitates a streamlined workflow that enhances productivity, increases accountability of staff, and makes every process more efficient.

Paging and Mass Notification Enhances Reachability

In the event of an emergency, all appropriate staff need to be notified quickly and accurately. Modern mass notification systems include multiple zones, areas and even single rooms which can be identified by a unique icon and contacted by a click of a mouse. Using pre-recorded announcements for each type of notification combined with visual icons on a computer desktop notifications will be streamlined and misinformation reduced. Unified communications enables all members of a group or department to be notified in an instant for important meetings, emergency situations, and for patient updates via phone, e-mail and/or SMS.

Contact Centres Facilitate Effective Interactions

A contact centre, with preprogrammed call flows and inflow/outflow capabilities, enhance interactions and improves caller experience. A contact centre enables callers to reach the people at the healthcare centre who can best respond to their needs. Plus – comprehensive and timely contact center reports will provide administrators the ability to acquire accurate current and historical metrics related to the performance of the call centre.

A Modern Patient Experience

Unified communications can create a modern experience for all staff and associates, providing greater mobility and flexibility, enabling them to receive and respond to information faster and more accurately.

Surveillance Systems Can Reduce Safety Risks

Advances in technology have provided the ability for modern surveillance systems to include higher resolution cameras for more accurate definition. Additionally, today’s surveillance systems are easier to use and more robust than ever while faster network video recorders contain more than ever data storage.

Payment and Collections Make Payments Easier

One of the most important functions of any healthcare service provider is collection. Unified communications systems enable healthcare organizations to streamline fee collections and improve the productivity of the collections department. For example, you can set up payments by phone using automated services, that are user-friendly and easy for patients to use. It can be implemented in a normal phone sales process, or can be an application that stands on its own for bill or fee payments.

Get Help from High Tech Communications

If you are looking for a reliable business partner to provide you with unified communication services, High Tech Communications can help you. We understand the importance of making sure your system runs smoothly so you can communicate more effectively, especially within the healthcare industry. Based in Aurora, Canada, High Tech offers a number of telecom systems, call centre software, mass notification systems, surveillance systems and data solutions (onsite or in the cloud) that can benefit a host of GTA sectors such as education, healthcare, hospitality, call centres, and countless types of businesses. We have integrated network partnerships and can offer dedicated communications support across regional, national, and international accounts. To learn more about how we can help you get more out of your communications, contact us toll-free at 1-(800) 853-2335.

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