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High Tech's Innovative Education Solutions

It’s an unusual time to be a student. Virtual classes, hybrid models, independent learning—going to school

just doesn’t look the same as it did last year.

Having a good computer for school has always been important. But now it’s vital to pick a laptop

that has the power, adaptability, and longevity for the “new normal.”

High Tech’s systems integration team has worked with the various manufacturers that we represent

to design solutions ideally suited for students and schools both in the class and remote. These solutions

integrate PCs, laptops and mobile devices with the necessary applications to make the new e-learning era


The High Tech E-learning Experience!

Driven by the needs of both the student and the teacher to drive successful learn with:

• Enhanced Productivity

• Touchscreen Access

• Measurable Productivity

• Clear Voice and Video

• Network Security

• Productivity Applications

• Email and Chat applications

• Integration with school systems

Enhance Productivity:

• Students can now work and learn from anywhere.

• Calls routed to their soft phone and allow them to simultaneously engage with learning modules through shared application experiences.

• We offer many of the latest in collaboration

• Integration Applications that can bring the student to student and teacher to student experience together with greater success


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